Leaf on Superman Returns

This summer sees the the release of a new Superman film from director Bryan Singer. So does it match the quality of the original film starring the late, great Christopher Reeve?

Well, the key question I need to ask Bryan Singer, is why is it so DAMN long to tell a story? Superman Returns is over two and a half hours to watch and seems to drag on…

Despite that, the action scenes especially involving the aeroplane at the beginning of the movie was spectacular and the performances from Brandon Routh (Clark Kent/Superman), Kate Bosworth (Lois Lane) and Kevin Spacey (Lex Luthor) was great. Though we do see Lex showing his ‘camp’ side…

The story was a bit weak in my opinion with the main focus on the love between Superman/Lois Lane. Some of the scenes were a bit amusing because you can’t believe what you are seeing (the bit when a bullet hits Superman’s eye for example).

To be honest, I’m slightly disappointed with the movie and I much prefer Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins. At least that was action all the way!

And I must admit the casting of Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane was ill-judged by the casting directors. She was far too young (only 23 years old) and her on-screen relationship with Brandon Routh – Clark Kent/Superman – wasn’t convincing.

As for Lex Luthor’s plan to create a ‘Kryptonite’ continent so he can demand world leaders to buy land, oh please(!) What a weak evil scheme to dominate the world.

Plus the dialogue wasn’t that great. What sort of catchphrase is “I’m always around” anyway?