The following set of images are a selection of work samples from my time spent in the print media industry, in particular at Telegraph Media Group, Infoconomy and Publications UK. All the designs have been published in various formats. From broadsheet newsprint to glossy magazine.

Telegraph Media Group

Legend film promotion

Broadsheet full page to promote Tom Hardy’s latest Legend, done in the style of vintage newspaper design.

Independent Schools feature

Tabloid full page for The Telegraph special reports supplement on education. This feature is encouraging responsibility when teaching. The illustration was also commissioned to add interest into the piece.

Cruising feature

Tabloid full page for The Telegraph travel supplement on cruising. This feature is about being healthy and doing fun activities onboard. The illustration was commissioned to add an exciting visual to highlight the ten points in the piece.

Study Aboard feature

Broadsheet half page for The Telegraph special reports section on studying aboard. This feature reveals the differences in studying in the United States compared to the West and East coast. An illustration was commissioned to show the contrast.

Oil and Gas feature

Broadsheet half page for The Telegraph special reports supplement in the oil and gas industry. This feature highlights the different parts of the United Kingdom where suitable jobs in this sector are available. I create this artwork as a visual aid to the piece.

The Telegraph Toolbox feature

Broadsheet double-page spread showcasing the different sections (print and online) The Telegraph provides. The Toolbox supplement is used to promote to potential advertisers on what The Telegraph can cover in promoting their products and services.


Flanders guide

An 16-page A5 format guide to all the sites and culture of Flanders. This was a standalone item that was part of the Travel section in The Telegraph in promotion of Brussels.



Infoconomy – Customer publishing

A set of covers (magazines, supplements and directories) based on information technology. My duties was in the design and production of these publications at Infoconomy.

Publications UK

Road Safety

Publications UK – Trade publishing

A set of covers on the subject of road safety for different regions around the United Kingdom. My creative input was producing artwork and adverts for these guides.