Formula One 2011 season review

This season of Formula One racing has been incredible, with so many records broken including most pole positions and overtaking in a single race compared to past years thanks to the new rules outlined by the sport’s governing body to provide a better spectacle.

The introduction of the Drag Reduction System (DRS), an adjustable rear wing designed to increase straight-line speed worked a treat to aid overtaking. Plus the combination of the KERS and the fast degrading Pirellis – the new tyre supplier for the sport – made the racing more exciting for the drivers, teams and fans.

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Sky Sports’ new Formula One dream team

From next season, this will be the line-up of talented presenters and commentators that will front Sky Sports’ Formula One coverage.

From left to right: Former BAR F1 test driver Anthony Davidson; former BBC Radio 5 Live commentator David Croft; former BBC Radio 5 Live pitlane reporter Natalie Pinkham; ITV and BBC commentator Martin Brundle; Sky Sports‘ new anchorman Simon Lazenby; Sky Sports‘ presenter Georgie Thompson and former BBC pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz will be the main players as Sky become the joint British host – alongside the BBC – in broadcasting Formula One action in 2012.

The big headliners are that the former BBC Radio 5 commentary duo of David Croft and Anthony Davidson will be joining Martin Brundle in the main commentary box.

Croft will commentate alongside Brundle for every race, while Davidson will be used for each of the weekend’s practice sessions.

Sky’s pitlane reporters will be Natalie Pinkham and Ted Kravitz, with the latter also co-presenting a new Formula One magazine show on Sky Sports with Georgie Thompson.

Martin Turner, Sky Sports Executive Producer, said: “In Brundle we have the outstanding F1 broadcaster – on the track and in broadcasting, he’s proved it time and again.

“Working alongside him, David Croft is a passionate, experienced commentator and Anthony Davidson can bring great technical knowledge to live practice sessions.”

Sky also announced that Steve Rider, who fronted ITV’s Formula One coverage between 2006-2008, will be responsible for presenting a series of interviews and features with current and past drivers.

“Ted Kravitz has huge knowledge of the pitlane and paddock and he and Natalie Pinkham will get the information and access our viewers need,” added Turner.

“And guiding us through the coverage we have the experience of Simon Lazenby and Georgie Thompson. Each has hosted major sports events, from the British Lions to the Ryder Cup – they have trust and respect.”

This line-up seems like a dream and I am keenly excited to see how the new team and the new dedicated channel will offer to Formula One fans next season.

As for the BBC, Jake Humphrey will continue to be the main presenter alongside David Coulthard and Lee McKenzie. No news were available on who will be the main commentators for both the television and radio side.

It will be fascinating how Sky will improve the coverage of the sport as the past three years on the BBC have been excellent, thanks to the Red Button. With the news on this dream team, the challenge is set to become the main point of interest for motor racing fanatics in 2012.

24 Movie ready to start filming in spring

Time has ticked by for almost a year since reports of script problems on a movie adaptation of the popular ‘real-time’ drama 24 hit a snag.

But now it seems the clock has finally reset, with a feature length version of the Imagine Entertainment/Fox television series back in development.

The exciting new project brings back Kiefer Sutherland’s tireless CTU agent Jack Bauer to the big screen.

Mark Bomback – a favourite writer at 20th Century Fox, who penned The Wolverine – is expected to turn around a new draft of Billy Ray’s script, hopefully in the time of the New Year.

The movie is believed to see Jack Bauer making his ends justify his means in Europe, and Deadline report that Fox has a shortlist of five directors. Sadly, the once-rumoured Tony Scott is definitely not among them.

Brian Grazer is producing but 24 needs to be fast track to get shooting in April, in order to match Sutherland’s availability.