Red Bull presents the RB20

Red Bull Racing became the final Formula 1 racing team to present their 2024 challenger with the RB20, with some design ideas influenced by rival Mercedes.

This car concept looks similar to the design Mercedes used on 2023 W14, even after it abandoned its ‘zeropod’ sidepod to take up Red Bull’s widely adopted downwash solution.

The RB20 appears to also have a vertical sidepod radiator inlet, under even more heavily undercut sidepods than last year’s RB19.

And yet the car does retain the downwash sidepod concept further down, while its nose and other front-end parts appear similar to those Red Bull was running at the end of last season.

The floor bolted onto the RB20 for the launch event is noticeably bigger and simpler than the complex and critical Venturi tunnel floors required for Formula 1’s current ground-effect rules.

As for the livery, there is no notable differences from the RB19, nor the seven previous Red Bull designs since its current colour scheme was adopted back in 2016, except for the shade of yellow the team incorporated in its livery becoming darker back in 2017.

Speaking at the RB20’s launch, Horner said: “It’s an evolution of last year’s car, obviously, and it’s our 20th version.

“The guys haven’t been [sitting still], it’s not conservative, and you can see they’ve been quite aggressive in certain areas and still pushing the boundaries.

“I’m conscious that our opponents are still pushing very hard and I’ve seen a few cars that have been released that look similar in theme to what we launched with last year.

“You can see that all the men and women behind the scenes have been working very hard [on the RB20] and some of the detail on the car is absolutely exquisite.”

So some interesting aerodynamics on the RB20 as seen by rival Mercedes. which the Brackley-based team abandoned. Would be fascinating if this concept works on the Red Bull.

Mercedes presents the W15

Mercedes became the penultimate team to launch their 2024 challenger with the W15 and this will be the last Formula 1 racing car that Lewis Hamilton will drive before moving to rival Ferrari next season.

Following the online presentation, the W15 will make its track debut on the short international version of Silverstone, with Hamilton and his teammate George Russell performing a 15km demo run.

This year’s car is hugely significant for the Brackley-based team after two disappointing seasons since the start of the current high downforce regulations era in 2022.

The W13 struggled badly with bouncing and porpoising, and while Russell scored a victory at Interlagos, the team dropped to third in the constructors’ championship.

Last year’s W14 did not represent the hope for step and underwent a major revamp after just a few races.

It failed to take a win in a season dominated by Red Bull and the team scored fewer points than the previous season, although it did move ahead of Ferrari to claim second in the constructors’ championship.

The team underwent a restructuring, with Mike Elliott moving to the role of chief technical officer and James Allison swapping job title and returning to frontline action as technical director. Elliott subsequently left the team later.

The W15 is thus the first car designed and developed overseen by Allison, and it represents a major change from its predecessor as the team attempts to close the gap to pacesetters Red Bull Racing.

“We’re changing the concept,” team principal Toto Wolff noted recently. “We’re completely moving away from how we laid out the chassis, the weight distribution, the airflow.

“Literally there’s almost every component being changed because only by doing that, I think we have a chance.

“We could get it wrong also. So between not gaining what we expect, to catching up and making a big step, and competing at the front, anything is possible.”

The W15 certainly looks nice with silver and black on the livery. Hopefully this car is fast and can finally give a victory for Hamilton.

McLaren reveals the MCL38

We’ve seen the livery previously and now McLaren has revealed their 2024 Formula 1 racing car, the MCL38, at Woking.

McLaren has stuck to its popular papaya orange and black colour scheme for the new Formula 1 season.

This new car is buildt on the much-improved MCL60 which, after a slow start, came alive thanks to several mid-season upgrades last year.

It is the first car fully overseen from its conception by team boss Andrea Stella and his new technical structure at Woking, which enabled it to move up to fourth in the 2023 constructors’ championship, and it also the first product from McLaren’s brand-new wind tunnel.

With further high-profile recruits on board, including Red Bull Racing’s Rob Marshall and Scuderia Ferrari’s David Sanchez, McLaren hopes to improve on last year’s eight podiums between Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri after often having the second-quickest car behind Red Bull across the final third of last year.

“Going into this year, we look to build on the momentum of last season but are realistic in the knowledge that every team will have made progress and found competitiveness for their 2024 cars,” Stella said.

“We now have everything in place from an infrastructure, people and culture perspective so we continue to push forward and build on the work done to get us back to front of the grid.

“Before we hit the track for competitive sessions, we have a lot of work to do, including putting the MCL38 through its paces during the Bahrain pre-season test. The team has done a good job over the winter, and we are confident we can hit the ground running, but we know we have important tasks at hand before the season starts.

“There are a number of innovations on the car, but not all the areas we want to address have been completed for our launch-spec car. Those areas now become the focus of our in-season development, which is already in progress.

The new MCL38 certainly looks promising. Let’s see if this car can provide regular points finishes and hopefully Norris can finally win a Grand Prix race.

Ferrari reveals the SF-24

Scuderia Ferrari revealed their 2024 Formula 1 challenger, the SF24, with an online launch event from its Maranello base.

The Italian team is heading into the upcoming season with a sense of reinvigoration following the news that seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton will be joining Ferrari in 2025.

That high-profile signing is a series of positive steps of what has been nicknamed ‘Operation Relaunch’ as Ferrari CEO John Elkann and team principal Fred Vasseur plot the Scuderia’s route back to the front of the grid.

In the SF-24, Ferrari hopes to make amends for some of the problems that held back Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz last year.

While the team’s 2023 car proved super-fast over a single lap in qualifying, it could not extract anywhere near the race pace and consistency of the benchmark Red Bull.

In the end, the team managed just a single victory, thanks to Sainz’s success at the Singapore Grand Prix.

Ferrari hopes that the developments made to the SF-24 will help it make good progress on this front and reduce the peaky-aerodynamic performance that was one of the key factors that overshadowed its Formula 1 efforts throughout last season.

The classic red certainly makes the Ferrari look beautiful. Hopefully this SF-24 can challenge for regular wins and go for championship glory this season.

Aston Martin presents the AMR24 racer

Aston Martin presented their new AMR24, which is described as a “strong evolution” of its 2023 Formula 1 race car.

The Silverstone-based team is coming off the back of mixed fortunes last year where a super strong start to the season was followed by a period of difficulty as it struggled to get the most out of upgrades.

But having understood what went wrong with its development direction, the team has made amends for its 2024 car which it hope can challenge for regular points finishes.

The AMR24 has been refined in almost all areas but has some noticeable differences compared to last year’s chassis – including its nose and front wing to help improve outwash.

As well as the aerodynamic changes, Aston Martin is switching to a push-rod rear suspension configuration as a result of it taking Mercedes customer parts.

Technical director Dan Fallows is clear, however, that the team has not embarked on a totally different direction.

“We’ve made changes all over the car,” he said. “It’s very different in many ways.

“The majority of the parts have changed on it, but it is still really essentially a strong evolution of last year’s car. We have kind of built on the end of AMR23.

“The obvious things that you’ll see that are different, are things like the nose and front wing. Bodywork will be different. But there’s also quite a lot of stuff under the hood, which hopefully you won’t see! We will obviously try and keep some of that under wraps.”

It certainly looks good. Let’s hope Fernando Alonso can regular fight for top positions with this new car. Plus, Aston Martin will be hoping to mix it with more frequently to improve their fifth place finish in last year’s constructors’ standings.

RB presents the VCARB 01 racer

The rebranded RB team presented their 2024 Formula 1 racing car at a special launch event on the Las Vegas Boulevard.

It follows a significant change for the Faenza-based outfit, featuring a new team principal and new identity for the upcoming season.

The blue, black and white challenger brings back familiar colours as seen in Toro Rosso era and yet features new title sponsors Visa and Cash App.

On the technical side, the VCARB 01 has some interesting changes that have brought it closer to sister team Red Bull’s concept, having been open about there being closer collaboration for this year.

After opting to run Red Bull-designed rear suspension from last year’s Singapore Grand Prix, RB has now also switched to a pull-rod front suspension layout for this season.

This brings it fully in line with the configuration that Red Bull Racing has put to good use in Formula 1 after winning both the drivers’ and constructors’ titles under the new ground effect rules.

It has a new management structure, with CEO Peter Bayer and team principal Laurent Mekies running the operation.

The driver line up remains the same, with Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda on duty, and as they hope to improve on the eighth-place finish that the outfit managed in last year’s constructors’ championship.

Speaking at the end of last season, Ricciardo felt that the changes at the team had moved RB away from being viewed as simply a place for Red Bull to develop young drivers.

“I feel like we’re going in the right direction,” said Ricciardo. “And honestly, everything I fed back to the team, I feel like they’ve actioned or done their best to make it happen or make it work.

“So honestly I can’t ask for too much more at the moment. It’s obviously now just how quickly can we get new parts on the car, and this and that.

“I would say, I don’t want to be like patronising, but their heads are in the right place. I feel like we’re all kind of meeting in the right place and looking ahead. I think they value the experience I have, and I think that’s really important kind of moving forward, and they’re motivated.

“I feel like this is not a junior team anymore.”

Hopefully this car can regular finish in the points and the new colours scheme is certainly refreshing after a series of black, carbon fibre liveries from the other cars revealed so far.

Alpine shows off the A524 car

Alpine becomes the latest Formula 1 team to launch its 2024 race car featuring a collaboration with artist Felipe Pantone.

The livery still has that familiar combination of blue, pink and naked carbon black look and will be driven this year by Esteban Ocon and Pierre Gasly.

In a season launch at Enstone, that also included the unveiling of its hypercar for the World Endurance Championship, Alpine revealed the challenger that should help it return to the front of the midfield after dropping from fourth to sixth last season.

As was the case in previous seasons, Alpine will race with a predominantly blue car at the majority of the 24 Grands Prix, but will switch to a pink livery at an expanded eight races to promote its main sponsor BWT.

The team says the A524 is a “brand-new concept created for the next two seasons and is marked by innovative solutions as a result of learnings from previous iterations.

“The bold approach will allow the team to apply a stronger development path across the next two campaigns.”

Technical director Matt Harman said: “The A524 approach has been aggressive but deliberate in the fact we are creating a wider scope to add performance to the car. We have really focused on learning and reacting to what we have learnt rather than on results.

“The project has been bold where we have focused on realising concepts, which we aim to add to the car. We’ve built ourselves a strong platform to add performance when we can and we have set ourselves targets to deliver those.”

The new Alpine certainly looks nice and it will be interesting if the car can regular score points to move up the competitive order this upcoming championship.

Sauber reveals dramatic 2024 look

Sauber has revealed a dramatic livery on its C44 at a launch event in London.

The Swiss-based outfit are no longer Alfa Romeo so the team has been rebranded as Stake F1 team with Stake as the main title sponsor. The flo-green and black look is certainly different and dramatic.

The C44 will then perform a shakedown run by Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu in a filming day in Barcelona followed by pre-season testing in Bahrain.

This new car is the first to be developed with the input of technical director James Key. It features what the team calls an “aggressively redesigned” aerodynamic package and a switch from a push-rod to a pull-rod front suspension – a configuration used previously by Red Bull and McLaren, which is primarily intended to create an aero benefit.

Team representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi has said the new green look is part of a conscious effort to embrace change after the Alfa Romeo years and with the team building towards Audi’s entry.

“There’s a new identity for our team, as we enter as Stake F1 Team,” said the Italian. “We saw a lot of changes, which makes this such an exciting era for us.

“This partnership will help us reach a new audience and expand our fan base. It also gives us a way to have a fresh and innovative approach in the way we communicate.

“There are changes in other areas. We are developing our team structure, strengthening our personnel, and this implies work is ongoing in Hinwil in all areas. It’s a new exciting era for our team.”

It’s definitely an exciting era for Stake before the Audi transformation two years from now. Let’s see if the car and team is competitive.

Williams reveal new 2024 livery

Williams have shown off their 2024 livery with a special launch event in New York. The FW46 has a tweaked black and blue look compared to last year’s car.

There is a thin strip around the nose and sidepods, which ‘represents the team’s British identity and its heritage to the previous Williams cars, including the 1985 FW10 as driven by Nigel Mansell and Jacques Villeneuve’s championhip-winning 1997 FW19.

Alongside its existing partners, Japanese manufacturing giant Komatsu has joined the team this season, featuring on the sidepods of its updated livery after signing a multi-year deal.

“It is a significant milestone to unveil the 2024 livery at an iconic location in New York City,” said team principal James Vowles.

“The FW46 has been the focus of the team for many months and there is still a tremendous effort going in from everyone at Grove to deliver our challenger for this year.

“As we look to build on the momentum from last season, we have a driver line-up in Alex and Logan that is capable of consistently fighting for points while helping lead our development for the future.”

The new darker colour look seems nice and yet lets see how competitive this car will be in the upcoming season. Best wishes to Williams.

Haas F1 tweaked 2024 car look

Haas F1 Team have revealed their 2024 car via digital rendering and it features an evolution of their traditional black, red and white livery.

The proper VF-24 will perform a shakedown run later this month at Silverstone, before heading off to Bahrain for the pre-season test in preparation for the upcoming Formula 1 championship.

This will be their first season in Formula 1 without Netflix’s Drive to Survive star Guenther Steiner at the top, with Ayao Komatsu stepping up from his engineering leadership role to take over the team manager role.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the VF-24 running and racing – a sentiment,” said team owner Gene Haas. “I know I share with our partners and indeed the entire team.

“In Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen, we also know we’ve got a great pair of drivers behind the wheel, their experience will prove invaluable again as we develop our program through the year. We’ve used the off-season to put the processes in place to be better and ultimately improve our overall performance. Soon we get to see how we’re doing.”

Komatsu added: “We’re realistic about our expectations for the VF-24 to start but it’s still an exciting moment in any Formula 1 season to showcase the car.

“There’s a lot of work ahead of us to make progress and increase our performance but everyone here is highly motivated and eager to get on track with the VF-24.

“I know we’ll be maximizing our time in Bahrain with all the various items we need to push through. Bottom line, we can’t wait to get going and get the season underway.”

It will be interesting if the change in leadership can help Haas move up the pecking order in this sport. Last year, the team finished last in the constructors’ standings.

Hopefully Kevin Magnussen and Nico Huldenberg will have a better car to score points as last year’s VF-23 had tyre management issues caused by the aerodynamics. Best of luck to Haas in this upcoming season.