Red Bull presents the RB20

Red Bull Racing became the final Formula 1 racing team to present their 2024 challenger with the RB20, with some design ideas influenced by rival Mercedes.

This car concept looks similar to the design Mercedes used on 2023 W14, even after it abandoned its ‘zeropod’ sidepod to take up Red Bull’s widely adopted downwash solution.

The RB20 appears to also have a vertical sidepod radiator inlet, under even more heavily undercut sidepods than last year’s RB19.

And yet the car does retain the downwash sidepod concept further down, while its nose and other front-end parts appear similar to those Red Bull was running at the end of last season.

The floor bolted onto the RB20 for the launch event is noticeably bigger and simpler than the complex and critical Venturi tunnel floors required for Formula 1’s current ground-effect rules.

As for the livery, there is no notable differences from the RB19, nor the seven previous Red Bull designs since its current colour scheme was adopted back in 2016, except for the shade of yellow the team incorporated in its livery becoming darker back in 2017.

Speaking at the RB20’s launch, Horner said: “It’s an evolution of last year’s car, obviously, and it’s our 20th version.

“The guys haven’t been [sitting still], it’s not conservative, and you can see they’ve been quite aggressive in certain areas and still pushing the boundaries.

“I’m conscious that our opponents are still pushing very hard and I’ve seen a few cars that have been released that look similar in theme to what we launched with last year.

“You can see that all the men and women behind the scenes have been working very hard [on the RB20] and some of the detail on the car is absolutely exquisite.”

So some interesting aerodynamics on the RB20 as seen by rival Mercedes. which the Brackley-based team abandoned. Would be fascinating if this concept works on the Red Bull.

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  1. Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen says he is not aiming to try and top his record-breaking achievements of last year over the upcoming campaign.

    “These kind of things are very tough, I think, to top,” he said. “I think it’s also not even our goal.

    “I think it’s just about trying to deliver another very competitive car and from my side, of course, I’ll try to deliver the best I can. But that depends on a lot of things that have to come together, so I guess only time will tell how quick we are.”

    “Around us, people are learning more and more,” he said. “It’s not always that it’s up to us how great the season is going to be, because if you have more natural competition with different teams it’s even harder to win races.”

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