New iMac for Leaf – but no-one is around to collect it…

An update on my new iMac: Last week I returned the desktop computer back to Apple to get a free replacement. I wasn’t pleased after spending nearly £1,500 to have two ‘stuck’ pixels on the massive 24-inch screen…

After making a phone call to Apple about this, they agree to send me a replacement unit free of charge. Unfortunately, when it came to the time to pick up the new computer this week, no-one was around to receive it.

I was at work and my family were out of the house as the postman rang our doorbell… So that means I will have to wait until the weekend to get my hands on my Bauer Mac.

Hopefully the new iMac will be perfect with no dead pixels. If there is, then I will be pretty annoyed. Fingers crossed!

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