Apple’s new electronic toy

Apple iPhone
When Steve Jobs announced to the world’s press the Apple iPhone on January 9th, it ended the on-going and never-ending rumours of the Apple-branded cell phone. This new product looks highly desirable and even though I was disappointed by the fact that there wasn’t any mention on a ‘true’ video iPod, the iPhone does look something truly special.

I do like the feature that it uses Mac OS X as its operating system, as I consider this better than Microsoft’s Windows.

In addition, the way the different functions can be access by moving your fingers on the scratch-resisted screen is a nice touch (pun intended!).

And yet, the sad part is the iPhone won’t be out until the end of the year. But for those lucky Americans, they will have the unique opportunity to purchase one in June. As for importing one, I won’t bother to be honest. I can imagine what the prices on eBay will be…

Would I buy one? Yes, of course! It looks beautiful and I love the way Safari works when viewing web pages. The new widescreen mode when viewing movies is also a welcome feature.

But if Apple releases a proper iPod sometime this year with the same functions as the iPhone (touch screen for example) then I will purchase that item instead. I would prefer to listen to my vast amount of tracks on a dedicated music player than having an expensive multimedia mini handheld Macintosh.

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