PlayStation 3 European release dated and priced

Sony PlayStation 3

Sony has finally reveal the much awaited European launch date and price for the PlayStation 3. The next generation console will be available on March 23rd with a nice price tag of £425(!)

Yes, four hundred and twenty-five pounds… This console has become the most expensive and at that price; you can purchase both the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360.

So will I get one? Hard to say as I would like to buy one but the cost of owning the most powerful and advance video game machine (featuring that CELL processor and Blu-ray player) is simply ridiculous. In addition, I will need to purchase a brand new High Definition television to play this on, as a standard TV won’t do any justice for the photo-realistic visuals.

As for the launch games, there are around 30 titles on offer with the likes of MotorStorm, Formula One Championship Edition, Tekken: Dark Resurrection, flOw and Virtua Tennis 3.

So what’s my decision? To buy one on launch day or wait six to nine months later featuring better games and possibly a price drop? Or should I avoid the trouble of owning the PlayStation 3 and go for Xbox 360, which has the awesome Gears of War and fantastic Dead Rising?

Whatever the outcome, I should start saving up now…

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