Sweet Rosie

Rosie Animal Crossing

I finally received my very late Christmas present from my sister, a plush Rosie!

Rosie is a sweet blue cat that I simply adore in Animal Crossing: Wild World. She is my favourite character in the game and when she left Leaftown (the name of my village), I was devastated.

But now Rosie is here to stay and despite looking purple than blue, her smile and cuteness will always cast a lasting impression to me!

2 thoughts to “Sweet Rosie”

  1. Aww, Leaf, she’s absolutely adorable! (I think Rosie looks cuter purple than blue!) What a nice gift! I love her awesome little dress, aww. ^_^

  2. how hot is that !
    Oh leaf what a stimulating toy ^_^
    I understand you had a crush on her smile she looks very cute with her pink cheeks : )

    On another note….

    ~* H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y W A L K I N G L E A F !! * ~

    I wish you a very fun, happy and stimulating, new year of your life !
    May it be full of good laughs, Love and Apple ® gadgets ^_^
    I ‘m glad I know you , you’re an awesome buddy .
    Look after yourself and be happy !

    ps : I hope I noted right the date of your birthday ! ^^

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