Super massive rock show

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Last night at London’s impressive Wembley Stadium, I witness a truly spectacular show by Muse.

They are considered to be the most amazing rock band when performing live and the sell-out gig certainly lived up to its expectation with fantastic set pieces and lighting displays.

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Matthew Bellamy, the lead guitarist who also provided the vocals, was incredible. He was certainly enjoying himself as he rocked with his band members – Chris Wolstenholme (bass guitar) and Dominic Howard (drums) – in front of an enthusiastic 90,000 capacity crowd.

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The highlights include the opening song to kick-start the fantastic two-hour live show with Knights of Cydonia. The crowd in the ‘mash pit’ went crazy with the guitar riffs in this awesome track from the band’s fourth album, Black Holes and Revelations. In addition, the magical trapeze artists suspended from large balloons when Muse performed during Blackout.

I certainly had a great time out at Wembley and would love to see the best British band playing live again. Will upload a collection of images and video clips onto Facebook and YouTube soon.

3 thoughts to “Super massive rock show”

  1. I heard Jo Whiley talking about this show. She said, Muse is my fave band but sometimes I forget how many hits they have. It was hit after hit and she also mentioned the on stage performance was amazing too : )

    I didn’t know you was going to the show, very swell, do post a link of your YT, I don’t think I have it saved also added you as a buddy on facebook : )

    have fun.

  2. They are awesome ! genious and hot : )
    I remember you mentionned you were going to see Muse, but couldn’t remember when .
    Glad Leaf enjoyed the show, looks fantastic : )
    My sis went to see them 3 times here in fance and still she would be jealous of you : )

    take care : )

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