Super Mario Galaxy

I have a little confession to make – I haven’t played a Super Mario game since the good old Game Boy. Super Mario Land was a classic and it was one of the first proper platform games that I completed from start to finish. The game play was short but sweet and I’m amazed that I missed out on several other Mario games on the main Nintendo consoles.

These include the sublime Super Mario World (Super Nintendo), Mario 64 (Nintendo 64) and er… Super Mario Sunshine (GameCube). Actually, this particular game is considered to be the most frustrating for video gamers. Maybe the sense of cleaning the world with a water-powered jet pack was not ideal for people obsessed with killing things…

With Super Mario Galaxy, everyone’s favourite Italian plumber is back and with the benefit of the Wii’s motion sensor controls; this is by far the most impressive Mario game ever.

The control system works a treat and it’s a joyful pleasure to run and jump around on different planets in glorious 3D. The visuals and level design are nothing short of breathtaking with it own sense of style and atmosphere.

The game play is heavily addictive and it was quite a nice touch to have a co-op mode for the second player. Instead of them sitting there watching you playing this fantastic game, they can help by waving the Wiimote around collecting Star Bits!

I have yet to complete it as I’ve been sidetracked by work and also my recent holiday to Hong Kong but considering I have to collect around 120 golden stars to finish it – currently I have 25 – then I have quite a long way to go in Super Mario Galaxy! So many other planets and galaxies yet to explore, so it is best to load this up and continue my epic quest!

2 thoughts to “Super Mario Galaxy”

  1. Yeah I saw the ad’s of this and thought it looked a bit funky. I have to admit I’m not a die hard Mario fan and it is fairly new to me playing it. First I played of it was on the DS.

    This I’ll get this for my nephew once he gets closer to finishing some of his other games. Hes just started Assasin’s creed on the 360 impressive graphics on that thing, not sure how it plays though.

  2. Hey Leaf,

    Just checking up on ya. But just thought you should know you only need 60 to finish the game. Then the real fun starts, you think its addictive now you aint seen nothing yet. Just forget about work and life and starting play SMG.

    As for Super Mario Sunshine as bad as people make it out to be its got a few flaws that cant be overlooked but its a good game, dare I say underrated. But it seems that people just like the idea of hating on it as its popular opinion. Sadly I am one of the few who enjoyed it, worth a play if you love Mario games but be warned its a tough game at times much harder than galaxy.

    And you better start the GBA re-releases and SM64 on the Wii ;).

    Later, Foamy

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