Leaf’s Xbox 360 RROD

Xbox 360 RROD graphic

My Xbox 360 committed suicide this month by giving me the dreaded three red lights a.k.a. the Red Ring of Death. I was shocked when this occur especially as my friend was playing quite well on Expert mode in Guitar Hero II

The whole screen froze and when we tried to reset the console, the familiar red lights flashed away. To be honest, I was heading towards the console’s deathbed in the past couple of weeks when it crashed ten times in a space of an hour! In that period, I replayed the same race in Project Gotham Racing 4 without making past the first corner… To see white lines and square blocks appearing on my Samsung HDTV during a game and on the Xbox 360 loading screen means there is something seriously going wrong inside the machine.

I called up customer support immediately and after explaining the problem, I arrange a pick-up to get it repaired. The good news is that I don’t need to pay for the repair as Microsoft has a three-year warranty. The bad news is I won’t get my Xbox 360 for the next three to four weeks so in the meantime I can continue my quest in Super Mario Galaxy on the reliable Nintendo Wii! But in all seriousness, Microsoft is aware of the RROD situation. In fact, I discover that Microsoft receives numerous amounts of broken Xbox 360s with this problem EVERYDAY!

I hope I get it back in the New Year, as I desperately want to play Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock with the new wireless guitar controller. Plus, I have to finish off those remaining levels in Bioshock (feel embarrass that I yet to complete it). Fingers cross my Xbox 360 is running fine without any more problems when I get it back.

5 thoughts to “Leaf’s Xbox 360 RROD”

  1. Honestly I’m not surprised, Microsoft can’t make consoles. In fact they don’t even make the better software. Abit bizarre coming from me now as I’ve just bought a new laptop with Vista at it’s core.

    Incidentally, my ps3 is a model so far of reliability. a trifle bit dusty though.

  2. Oh you went for the PS3 Janus, what are the blueray movies like ? I have to admit I’ve not seen a full HD or blue ray movie or even seen the menu system of those things.

    Still sticking out on DVD.

    Oh poor Elton, M$ joined in the bandwagon of creating xbox’s with shoddy parts much like sony did with the PS2 later on. Good to see the fools will fix it though foc.

  3. The menu system in blu-ray is quite interesting, it’s abit like tabbed browsing, you never really exit the title menu but get full access to all the scenes, extras and options. Haven’t had the ablility to test Full HD as i’m still using a 28″ CRT that takes up too much space in my room. I really regret my stupidity with that, but thats youth for you.

    My new laptop has blu-ray though so I’ve been able to experience Casino Royale in 720p and it looks quite nice. But doesn’t blow my mind away like many AV fanatics will tell you it will.

    As far as the PS3 goes i think it’s my favourite of the consoles out there at the moment, the XMB isn’t cluttered like 360’s “blades”, feels like air. It does everything i’d have wanted, been using it as my DVD player aswell now. It does the role alot better than the ps2 did. Gaming wise it’s alittle thin on the ground but that should change next year. Wipeout and Littlebigplanet being my pick of the exclusives.

  4. I’m surprised to see Janus opted for the PlayStation 3 as well. Did you get the 60GB – with backwards capability – or the 40GB – which can’t play classic PSone and PS2 games?

    I hope to purchase the new Sony console in the new year as I really want to experience the Blu-ray generation. It helps I have a nice HDTV unlike Janus’ CRT.

    Just an update on my Xbox 360 – its back! After sending it off earlier this month, I received my repaired console a couple of weeks later. A quick turn around by Microsoft and just in time for Christmas! ^_^

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