Bring on the noise!

I went to see one of the most famous metal rock band in the world, Metallica, at the former home of the Millennium Dome this month. The gig itself was simply spectacular with impressive fireworks, lighting effects and of course, the epic guitar solos from the band.

The O2 Arena itself was also amazing as I’ve never been to the Millennium Dome before. The sheer number of bars, shops and restaurants at the venue heavily distracted me. So much in fact, I’ve missed one of the support bands on stage! Not to worry of course, as I had a seat allocated for me.

In one particular bar, a special tournament was being held offering the chance to play the new Guitar Hero: Metallica video game. I didn’t have the opportunity to play the music rhythm game, as it was more fun watching the other people performing on stage to the ultra tricky Metallica songs!

As for the real deal, it was fantastic to see Metallica performing their greatest hits in front of thousands of enthusiastic Metallica fans. The atmosphere was electric and I loved every moment of it!

The highlight was Cyanide, The End of The Line, One, Master of Puppets and of course, the epic Enter Sandman.

After the two-hour performance, I was left feeling more. And thanks to this ace link on the official website, you can now download the complete set list. I would recommend the FLAC format for the true sounding experience!

One thought to “Bring on the noise!”

  1. Glad you had a good time Elton. I have been a fan for 20 odd years, so are pretty much my fave metal band. Though System Of A Down and of course Iron Maiden line close behind.
    As you know I’m off to to see them on Wednesday 25th of March at the LG arena in the NEC complex. Cant wait, though I have seen them twice before, but only at open air festivals, so hearing them at a covered event is going to blow my mind. Though I think my ears will be blown first as I have VIP standing so should be close enough to touch them almost! Even outside they are so effing loud so this should be on another level.

    Just love the Death Magnetic album as it’s a true Metallica album. Not like St Anger and the Load/Re-load albums. Shame that out of all the live concerts on this Magnetic tour, they have yet to play nearly my fave song which is My Apocalypse. That song is insane, but as Walking mentioned, you can download any of their concerts from their website I don’t think I’ve seen a set list with that song. Incidentally if anyone does want to download them you just have to pass on the 128Kbps version and go for the FLAC ( lossless ) version. Is wipes the MP3 version’s bottom for only $3 more.

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