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Photo: Shirlaine Forrest

One of my favourite rock band Muse has just released a fantastic new app for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. The Muse App features all the best parts of the official Muse website plus bonus content including a special edition of the band’s latest album The Resistance.

The Muse App, which is available via the iTunes Music Store, lists upcoming tour dates, music videos and photographs. In addition fans can directly upload and tag their own images taken at gigs with this application.

Here are some screenshots of the app, taken from the iPhone:

Other features include:

  • Muse Map – All the global information on a zoom-able map. See how many Muse members, images and tour dates apply to your city!
  • Gig Pics – Take a picture from your iPhone at a Muse show, tag it to the show you’re at and upload it straight to for everyone to see.
  • The Resistance – A special section on the new album including an AppBook, the video for Resistance, audio of United States of Eurasia and 30 second clips of all the album tracks.
  • Tour – details of all the forthcoming tour dates including links to buy tickets etc.
  • Feeds – RSS feeds of Muse News, Tour Dates, Muse Twitter, the band’s Delicious Feed and MuseLive and Microcuts news.
  • Video Player – An integrated video player featuring all the video content from
  • Forum – an iPhone/iPod Touch friendly forum skin for all you forum users.
  • Background Switcher – pick your favourite background for the app from a selection of Muse designs.

Sounds cool right? The best part is the price. Only £1.79. Rock on!

2 thoughts to “Muse’s new app”

  1. Fans reaction to the app as taken from the forum:

    What about my first impressions? Well, it works best over Wi-Fi compared to 3G to boost speeds when looking at photos and watching music videos. The special edition content to The Resistance is really great especially the full audio to United States of Eurasia and an artbook. Sadly half-a-minute preview clips to the other songs is a letdown, but I suspect most fans have the full album on their iPhones/iPod Touch anyway!

    The ability to upload your own images directly via the app is amazing. Though you should upload the photos taken with a nice proper digital camera than the iPhone’s own 3.0 megapixel camera.

    Receiving news feeds from the official website, MySpace and Twitter is great as well. That way you are always up-to-date with all the latest development from your favourite band.

    Highly recommended and for only £1.79. Amazing value.

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