The magical appeal of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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It is considered to be the best video game ever as voted by industry experts and gamers alike when it first appeared on the Nintendo N64 console back in 1998 and now thirteen years later, the remake for the Nintendo 3DS means we get to re-experience The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in full three dimension goodness.

I have to admit that I miss out on the opportunity to play this classic game when it first came out on the N64. Back then, my main gaming console was the Sony PlayStation. I was playing the likes of Gran Turismo, Formula One and Metal Gear Solid, so I wasn’t aware of how important this game became among the Nintendo gamers.

The amount of appraiser for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was amazing (and it still is!). It received top scores from magazine reviews and huge favouritism from fans that in the end, the game became a true legacy for Nintendo. I am not surprised by the amount of copies sold around the world over the years and the various re-releases on different formats – Virtual Console, iQUE Player and the Nintendo GameCube – that is shows the true popularity in this epic action-adventure video game.

Since purchasing the 3DS – the latest handheld gaming console from Nintendo, which has the ability to show 3D visuals without the aid of special glasses – it was essential for me to purchase this game. Not because it was the game to play at this moment of time, but for the reason of why it was so popular.

After playing over 39 hours – with constant re-charging due to the poor battery life on the 3DS – I now realise why The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is so special.

The level designs especially the dungeons are a work of genius. The puzzle element works well and you get a sense of achievement when you defeat the various bosses and temples as you progress through this epic game.

The soundtrack is simply beautiful. Playing the various ocarina tunes is a pure delight as some can reveal secrets!

As for the game play, in the role of Link, the 3D visuals and motion control work fantastically well, that you feel engaged in the world of Hyrule. The element of time travel thanks to the ocarina is great and meeting different characters on your adventures made it addictive.

Since defeating the evil Ganondorf and unlocking the Master Quest mode, I am in a 50/50 situation whether to begin a new adventure – this time on a harder difficulty – or play some other games I have downloaded on the 3DS system thanks to the excellent Nintendo eShop.

Here’s the game in action. I do love the music in this!

Actually, I might go back to Hyrule and replay it after watching this YouTube trailer! Best to start a new game save…

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