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свети мина

After months of deliberating whether to sign up to Twitter, I have now taken the action to use this social network once and for all. Although it will take me a while to customise the settings just the way I like it…

At least, I have added a nice background image to give it a sense of identity. The words of my favourite films, television shows, music and Formula One drivers form the shape of a racing car! Clever bit of typography that.

Right, be sure to follow me @walkingleaf79 and I will try my best to ‘tweet’ any random thoughts or news items I have discovered on the net.

2 thoughts to “Leaf on Twitter”

  1. If you are wondering how I created that piece of typography art in the shape of a Formula One racing car, then I will briefly explain.

    First locate a suitable overhead view/shot of modern spec Formula One car. In this instance, I searched on Google Images and decided to use last year’s Ferrari F60 as a template.

    By using the shape of the F60, I ‘traced’ over it by adding words based on my favourite things. The application I used to create this was Adobe’s Illustration CS5. Best vector app!

    It took a while experimenting with different fonts, sizes and weights. Not to mention colour. But in the end, the finished artwork gives my Twitter page a sense of branding.

  2. Why did I make the decision to use Twitter?

    *To create and receive the latest news
    *I want to put my quick thoughts immediately instead of spending a considerable amount of time writing a post on this blog
    *Be spontaneous in posting the things that interest me
    *Get in touch with my mates
    *Expand my work connections

    As for this blog, I will still focus my attention on providing the latest content but for now I will use Twitter as a sense of fun.

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