24 Movie ready to start filming in spring

Time has ticked by for almost a year since reports of script problems on a movie adaptation of the popular ‘real-time’ drama 24 hit a snag.

But now it seems the clock has finally reset, with a feature length version of the Imagine Entertainment/Fox television series back in development.

The exciting new project brings back Kiefer Sutherland’s tireless CTU agent Jack Bauer to the big screen.

Mark Bomback – a favourite writer at 20th Century Fox, who penned The Wolverine – is expected to turn around a new draft of Billy Ray’s script, hopefully in the time of the New Year.

The movie is believed to see Jack Bauer making his ends justify his means in Europe, and Deadline report that Fox has a shortlist of five directors. Sadly, the once-rumoured Tony Scott is definitely not among them.

Brian Grazer is producing but 24 needs to be fast track to get shooting in April, in order to match Sutherland’s availability.

4 thoughts to “24 Movie ready to start filming in spring”

  1. Rarely does a troubled film such as this end up being much of a watch. I hope this one is different. Given also that appears it now needs to be rushed is a REALLY bad sign.

    It’ll be great to see Jack again and this time in Euroland (if there is anything left of it by then). It is a shame Mr Scott won’t be in charge, but I’m not sure this would be his kind of film. Also, when i say “in charge” I doubt there will be many decisions made by the director that wont have been passed under many a exec and ‘approved’.

    I hope it all works, but I can’t help shake a nasty feeling that this’ll be nothing more than a two hour episode of the TV show. This is not a bad thing of course, but I feel something like this can be a great chance to have the 24 franchise take a slightly different turn and not be something we’ve all seen over the preceding 9 years.

  2. I’m so glad that a movie based on my favourite television show is pushing forward early next year, although the tight time frame to film due to Kiefer Sutherland’s other projects and commitments might be tricky.

    Sure, it could be a rush job but I have full faith in the production team and obviously, Mark Bomback’s new draft of the script.

    I look forward to purchasing my ticket in the near future and catch Jack Bauer on the big screen.

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