Bold new 2016 livery from Red Bull Racing

Red Bull 2016 launch

Red Bull Racing have unveiled their colour scheme for the upcoming Formula 1 season at an event in London.

The new livery retains the team’s traditional colours of blue, yellow and red, but with a matt finish.

Gone is the title sponsor Infiniti, with TAG-Heuer branding the outfit’s Renault engines.

Red Bull 2016 detail 1

Daniel Ricciardo has described the revised bold look as “pretty funky” and will shakedown the RB12 during pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Team boss Christian Horner has commented that this new, reworked colour scheme is to be more exciting compared to the previous seasons.

“We decided that with a clean sheet of paper to go with something a bit more innovative, aggressive, that will stand out in the crowd and stand out in a few more drivers’ mirrors,” said Horner.

“It looks right and things that tend to look right, go right.”

Red Bull’s new chassis was not on display at the livery launch. The Milton Keynes-based outfit will reveal the RB12 in the pitlane come the first day of testing.

Red Bull 2016 detail 2

UPDATE: This is the definitive 2016-spec Formula 1 racing car from Red Bull. The RB12 powered by Renault and yet branded as TAG-Heuer, thanks to a new partnership deal with the Swiss watch manufacturer.


The bold paint job – with the matt finish texture – does make the RB12 look slick and stylish.

Red Bull Racing’s head of aerodynamics Dan Fallows said “the numbers from the CFD and wind tunnel are pretty encouraging” for the team’s new car.

“Certainly I’ve been incredibly surprised that we’ve been able to get so much out of this set of regulations, which has been fairly stable. It’s a function of everybody understanding the car we had last year but also I think identifying the problems that we had and really focussing on those. I think we’ve made some fairly big steps forward.”

Hopefully the step in aerodynamics will aid the performance of the car and team. Best of luck to the upcoming season.

RB12 front view

4 thoughts to “Bold new 2016 livery from Red Bull Racing”

  1. Red Bull took timing risks in passing the mandatory FIA crash tests for its 2016 Formula 1 car, team boss Christian Horner admits.

    The team unveiled its new-look livery in an event in London on Wednesday, but without the RB12 that will carry it.

    Horner revealed during the launch that the new chassis only started the crash-test process on Monday, with the final element completed on Wednesday afternoon.

    Pre-season testing starts in Barcelona next Monday (February 22).

    “We hadn’t done any crash tests before Monday of this week, and we’ve completed them all in three days, with the last one only an hour ago,” Horner said.

    “We have taken risks. Other teams perhaps wouldn’t have dreamed of competing crash tests one week before the first test.

    “But that’s how we roll. That’s what our DNA is and the competitive drive there is within the team.”


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