Williams unveils FW40, the new looking Formula 1 racer

Wiliams Martini Racing becomes the first Formula 1 team to release pictures of their 2017 race car, showing how the new regulations have dramatically impacted the look of these racing machines for the upcoming season.

The computer-generated images of the team’s Mercedes-powered FW40 – named to mark the occasion of Williams’ 40th anniversary in the sport – demonstrates the wider and lower characteristics of the new cars.

The 2017 regulation changes have been designed to boost downforce and grip, making the cars both faster and physically harder to drive, with a reduction in lap time of around 3 to 5 seconds expected.

At the front of the FW40, the thumb-tip nose design that first became a feature of some cars from three seasons ago remains, with Williams’s solution very similar to the set-up it used in 2015-16.

The wide, slick Pirelli tyres and angled wings do make the cars look dramatic although the Martini livery is getting a little stale.

At the wheel of the FW40 will be Felipe Massa, who rejoined Williams following his brief retirement after Valtteri Bottas left for Mercedes – to replace the out-going world champion Nico Rosberg – and Canadian rookie, Formula 3 champion Lance Stroll.

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  1. Claire Williams has revealed she promised Valtteri Bottas the Formula 1 team would not stand in his way again after it prevented him from switching to Ferrari in 2015.

    Bottas has moved to world champion Mercedes for 2017 following the shock retirement of Nico Rosberg, with Williams releasing him from his contract.

    However, when Ferrari showed interest in the Finn in 2015, Williams was less cooperative, and that situation played a part in the outcome this time around.

    “Valtteri has been an important part of Williams, he’s got that fiery passion that you want in a driver because all he wants to do is be in the best car and win,” deputy team principal Williams told Autosport.

    “When you have a driver that you know that’s all they want, why force them to race your car? That’s not the right thing to do.

    “We stood in Valtteri’s way once, when Ferrari came along, and I made a promise to Valtteri I wouldn’t stand in his way again – I honour my promises.

    “He has an amazing opportunity, and it will be interesting to see how Valtteri does this year.”

    Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff said in the Italian media last month that a financial contribution was made to secure Felipe Massa’s return from his short-lived retirement to partner rookie Lance Stroll, describing Williams as “a really capable businesswoman”.

    Williams added that she believes the terms of the deal for Bottas to leave were in the best interests of her team.

    “We made sure it could work for us,” she said. “I have total confidence in the decision I made.

    “I think we did the right thing, and I have no regrets.

    “Anyone who knows me will know I did a good deal for this team, and I would only have made that move if it was in the best interests of the team.

    “Everyone knows how much I love this team, how important this is to me and how much I want it to get back to winning.

    “I’m looking forward to seeing what Felipe can do – I hear that fire in his voice again.

    “The pressure is off. He’s coming back for a swansong and he can have good fun.”

    Source: Autosport.com

  2. Williams have appointed Dirk de Beer as their new head of aerodynamics, with the South African due to join the team on March 1 – a few weeks before the season-opening round in Australia.

    De Beer most recently served as chief aerodynamicist at Ferrari, having joined the team in 2013 after a five year spell at Renault, where he was also head of aero.

    Williams’ deputy team principal Claire Williams said De Beer’s arrival would help drive Williams’s bid to return to the front of the grid: “We’re delighted to have someone with Dirk’s vast experience joining us.

    “Having spent several years as a Head of Aerodynamics in Formula One, his knowledge and technical expertise will undoubtedly be a great asset to the team in our continued push to restore Williams to the front of the grid.”

    De Beer added: “I am extremely pleased to be joining Williams. The team has an incredible heritage in Formula One, and I’m proud to now be a part of that.

    “I’m looking forward to working with Dave Wheater and the Williams aero team to help continue driving forward the development of the car throughout the season and beyond. I would like to thank Williams for giving me this opportunity.”

    Williams slipped to fifth in the constructors’ championship in 2016, having secured third for the previous two seasons.

    Source: Formula1.com

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