Elisha Cuthbert’s blogs

One of my favourite actress, Elisha Cuthbert a.k.a. Kim Bauer from the real-time TV drama 24, has her own web blog. She is a passionate hockey fan as this is Canada’s main sport. It’s interesting to read her comments regarding the National Hockey League (NHL).


In addition, found this on Google. I don’t know if the real Elisha posted these articles, but it’s pretty much up to date with the latest news on her movie career.


Now I wonder if Kiefer Sutherland has one? 😉

Skype conversations

I love talking to everyone on Skype. The conversations between Emily, Jade, Luna, Mike, Josh, Yas, Rob and Janus is entertaining and enjoyable. Though my sense of humour and observation will always cause people to question my views on life! 😉

Last night’s Skype chat was great. Though my PC kept on crashing all the time… From now on, I’m using my Apple PowerBook’s version of Skype as it’s more stable (reliable) and quiet. The fan on the back of my Sony Vaio desktop PC is damn loud! Need to clean out the dust or do something in the BIOS.

The dialogue went from cookies, to Jade’s underwear(!), money, education and finally Animal Crossing. In fact, Luna and Jade was playing this popular game on their Nintendo DS via Wi-Fi and trading items like coconut and fruit!

Received a surprising message from Emily and Josh in Spain. They are on holiday this week and Emily’s message was nice and unexpected. Glad she enjoyed talking to the Leaf despite hundred of miles away in sunny Europe.

Will talk to everyone again later on. Need to visit Luna’s town in Wi-Fi mode in Animal Crossing I think.

Back to work…

After a week’s holiday to get away from the stress, it’s back to work and boy, was I feeling quite tired when I got up this morning (it didn’t help I went to bed late last night after chatting to Luna, Jade, Janus, Mike and Yas on Skype…) Been so lazy over the last few days, with long lie-ins in bed. But I have to get used to getting up around 7am instead of 1pm from now on…

Arrived at work, quite refreshed after sleeping on the comfortable bus on the journey in. Brought this morning’s papers (The Guardian and The Times) to read about the latest news and Michael Schumacher’s victory yesterday at Hockenheim. Log-in my Apple iMac and received quite a lot of emails. Sorted this out now and now preparing myself for an interesting press week!

Perhaps if I have time, post some messages on the Eternal Sunset forum and contribute some articles on the eMagi site. Will continue to update my blog.

Now, off to make a cup of tea!

Designer fair at the V&A

Yesterday evening – July 28th – we (as in the family) went to a fun and amusing designer expo in the back gardens of London’s Victoria and Albert museum. It only cost £1 to get in and only 2,000 people were allowed in to sample the designers’ goodness. But on the warm summer evening, it seems to be double the amount of people and everyone was enjoying themselves.

So what was special with this fair? Well each stall was set-up by a design agency or designer. Instead of showcasing the latest products or corporate branding, it was all fun and games. On one stall you have to hit a ‘rat’ (a black sock with red buttons sown on it to look like eyes!) with a gardening fork tool. The next, drawing a fantasy image for a cover based on the classic Penguin books (my sister drew an hilarious dove with guns based on Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”).

Each stall requires the punter to donate some money to a good cause (charity for the under-privilege children for example) so it was nice to participate in the event.

So what games did I play? Well, how about spin a wheel to win some designer t-shirts, badges and postcards? I actually won some cool prizes including a book on Vikings! There was a raffle as well. Didn’t win the cool design chic (you have to have a number zero on your raffle ticket to claim the item) but I got a free lollipop instead!

Need a new mobile

After receiving my latest mobile phone bill from Vodafone (£65!), I have decided to ditch this network and go for Orange. Why? The attraction of Orange Wednesdays and free broadband access.

Will pop in to my local Orange shop to get the best package/deal from those sleezy sales people (Just give me a free phone dammit and I’m out of there!). I am thinking of purchasing the new Sony Ericsson K800i as a replacement over my old K750i. Nothing wrong with my current phone at the moment, it’s just that the new one has Walkman functions!

Will post a product review when I get the new Sony Ericsson.

Banner image in place

You may have notice a new image on top of this blog. Create this in a matter of minutes in Photoshop and asked Mike to upload it for me. It looks great! Contrasting black and white images of my favourite items – 24, Super Monkey Ball and Formula One with a colour logo of three ‘leaves’.

Might change the image if it’s too dark…

Right, continue with the set up opitions here.

Red Hot Chili Peppers live in London

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Last night was simply spectacular after one of my favourite band were playing live at a packed London’s Earls Court show.

The band were the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I love the funky music performed by the California-based rock group.

I have always been a fan since buying the last three albums – ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’, ‘Californication’ and my personal favourite, ‘By The Way’. The new 28-track double album ‘Stadium Arcadium’ released this year is simply fantastic.

I always wanted to see them performing live someday… Well, my dreams came finally true when I saw them that evening.

Anthony Kiedis – the main vocal – was energetic and incredible, John Frusciante – guitar and backing vocals – was on awesome form with the lead guitar. His skills were truly impressive. Flea – playing the bass and providing the backing vocals was superb. And as for Chad Smith – on the drums – he couldn’t stop hitting away and was full of enthusiasm. He later threw his drum sticks to the passionate crowd at the end!

The highlights was the opening song to kick-start the two-hour live show with ‘Can’t Stop’, a fans favourite and my as well. John Frusciante’s sole version of ‘How Deep Is Your Love?’ was wonderful. Followed by a 15 minute guitar jam at the end of ‘Give It Away’… Sensational!

A great night out and I can’t wait to see them live once again.

Goldfrapp at the Royal Albert Hall

Wow, what a stunning night out I had last night (March 28th)! The venue was at London’s Royal Albert Hall and the live music was superb.

Saw four main acts including GTA, Starsailor, Antony and the Johnsons and of course, Goldfrapp – the highlight of the charity event.

Alison Goldfrapp was on good form and she was gorgeous! I can’t help but admire her beauty and that voice…

She started with Utopia (which was fab) followed by Lovely Head.

Then some others including: Tip Toe, Train, Ooh La La, Deer Stop, Fly Me Away, You Never Know, Ride a White Horse, Number 1 and Slide In.

The audience demanded more and she was having so much fun, so we had a 15-minute encore! With Black Cherry and my absolute favourite Strict Machine.

Goldfrapp were on for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. They put on an amazing performance. Sound was briliant. The Royal Albert Hall really suited her stunning voice with a great atmosphere. Alison said how much she enjoyed it, said “that was fun” at the end. There was a large video screen behind the stage, that gave us live images from 4 or 5 cameras!

A great night out and a very worthy cause too. In addition, fantastic to see Starsailor again with an extended version of Good Souls.