24: Season 5 DVD

As a fan of this cult ‘real-time’ television series, I am amazed by the show’s popularity regardless of how many terrorists Jack Bauer kills.

In day five, Bauer comes out of hiding and after being framed for the murder of the former President (and good friend) David Palmer, our American hero needs to find out the truth. What follows is an epic, twisting and dramatic plot that leaves a trail of conspiracies leading to the White House administrators…

The first episode of season five was shocking as two well-liked characters were killed before the day even got started… It’s a testament to the writers and producers who always provide a thrilling drama to the award-winning show. Kiefer Sutherland yet again puts in an amazing performance as CTU Agent Jack Bauer, but it’s Gregory Itzin who proves the biggest reason to watch, stealing entire episodes as invertebrate President Charles Logan as he struggles the longest day of his life.

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