Slides at Tate Modern

Test Site

At London’s Tate Modern, a new sculpture is on display that allows visitors a new way of experiencing a piece of modern art.

The ‘Test Site’ is a piece of impressive engineering created by Carsten Höller.

I had the unique opportunity to try out the slides with a friend during a visit to the popular art gallery. The slides are truly magnificent when you see the large artwork up-close in the cavernous space of the Turbine Hall.

We went on the two ‘smaller’ slides for starters and it was quite good fun as you spiral down inside the glass and metal tube.

Later on, we went to the fourth floor to experience the second highest slide… It took around 10 seconds to travel down four stories in Tate Modern and it was fantastic as it dips and turns in a spectacular rate.

Next time, I will have a go on the highest slide on the fifth floor…

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