The Simpsons 500th Episode

So here we are at an unbelievable milestone for the most famous family on TV. After first airing on December 17th 1989 they have reached 500 shows! Now, whatever you think of the show, the family or Fox Television, this is quite an achievement.

While Family Guy may have taken the “most dysfunctional family” crown in many peoples opinion, that show has also been cancelled, twice! So to go this distance and by the sound of it the end is still not in sight, this is something you have got to give them credit for.

This is the longest running American sitcom, animated and prime-time show, with a multi hundred million dollar movie and awards galore. They are simply are HUGE… or should that be were.

Before I go any further, this was aired last Sunday in America. It won’t be shown in the UK till June. Yes, you read that right, JUNE! I won’t divulge how I managed to watch this show, oh go on then, I was in America last Sunday (wink). Now in the light of piracy sites being shut don’t left right and centre at the moment, this is not the best way to combat illegal downloading.

Over the years we have been treated to some outstanding comedy moments, with plenty of moral and emotional shows thrown in for good measure.

I mean this show defined a generation of not just TV, but people as well. They have given us some of the most used quotes ever repeated. “D’OH!” I mean come on, where would we be without that being shouted out whenever we cock something up in front of anyone?

If Baywatch was always on a TV channel somewhere in the world at anytime, then surely The Simpsons is the most shown series ever? Well, OK sometimes it seems Friends may take that trophy. But when channel surfing, no matter what else is on, sometimes only The Simpsons can satisfy my TV craving.

Give me Homer falling down Springfield Gorge, growing to 300lbs to work at home, the murder of Mr Burns (though for the love of God why doesn’t any channel show both episodes back to back?!?!), Mr Plow and so many more and I’m one happy bunny.

There is a problem though. As it pains me to say it, it’s far too hard to be able to find a great Simpsons episode that’s showing.

Over the last few years, it’s been very hard find more than one or two good shows in a season. To be fair, I challenge anyone to write a better one at this time.

After 500 shows, everything and everyone has been done. This leaves just topical stories or people to be added or ripped off, and while you can forgive the writers for running out of original ideas, they have certainly lost their ability to turn those events into something worth watching. The last big attempt that worked was the Mapple which while brilliant, was aired back in 2008!

The worst thing is, with the recent jump into high definition, they have never looked so good. If only the show had just started!

Far too often, it’s the same jokes, same situations and the same results. I was hoping the 500th show was to be a return to form, if only for this milestone show.

Sadly, upon hearing the subject I feared the worst. Bare in mind that the family was banished from Springfield in the movie; so repeating it again is surely a sign of a tired crew that are desperately clinging onto what once was.

It was a fairly ordinary show with small smattering of okay moments one which sees a family “D’OH!” when they realise a secret town meeting (including the ever brilliant Sideshow Bob) is to vote for their eviction.

The cameo from Julian Assange (recorded when he recently fled to Britain) was pretty lame that was shoe horned into the show which made no sense.

Throw in a couple of other funny moments, that being the opening montage showing all the intros from the previous shows and a mock new intro from the Simpsons’ new home and that was it.

Very disappointing and I really do think I am done with the show. If they can’t pull it out of the bag for their biggest episode, I just cannot see the point of me watching or them making any more.

It’s a real shame, but they are not alone. South Park should have been canned long ago, Futurama, which has had the same canned treatment of Family Guy, and even that show, which at first I hated, but grew to absolutely love is showing signs of tiresomeness.

At least with Family Guy, the fans were in uproar when thew show was cancelled on two occasions, both times the show came back bigger and better.

Despite the vastness of The Simpsons, whenever it does see it’s doors close, I don’t think we’ll see the same comeback results. Do you? The end credits show up with an interesting end though with a dialogue box saying:

“Thanks for 500 shows. All we ask is that you go out and get some fresh air before logging into the internet and saying how much this sucked.”

This may be seen as a joke, but this isn’t a Simpsons style joke, and a sure sign they will be very nervous come the end of the contract at episode 559.

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2 thoughts to “The Simpsons 500th Episode”

  1. Good review Invisiblekid. I’ve seen the 500th episode earlier and it was a nice touch to see all the couch gags over the past few years complied to form a montage. I’m amazed how much joke material can be made with the each Simpsons character just by featuring that piece of furniture.

    As for the episode, the plot reminded me of the Simpsons Movie, which to be honest wasn’t the most strongest storyline to based it on. Still, there were some amusing moments and the dialogue box at the end was a rub to all Simpsons fans around the world!

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