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As a writer on eMagi, I have the ability to contribute some articles that are relevant to the website’s audiences and myself. The features that I write cover a wide range of subjects including entertainment, sport and video games.

Even though eMagi hasn’t grown that much since its format was moved from the original concept on the PSP to the Net (initially, it was to appear as a screen-based magazine that can viewed on the PlayStation Portable). It is surprising to see how much interest and coverage the website magazine is getting despite a lack of online promotion.

And the most impressive aspects are that some of the articles I have written for eMagi only have been linked to Reuters, a leading online news agency. To my amazement, not one but ten news articles in total!

It certainly pays off writing appealing and fun articles based on my favourite interests.

See the ten headlines listed below for the link to Reuters. Click on the eMagi part to ‘track back’ to the original source material.

Nintendo are delighted with Wii sales success

24 Season 6 Preview

Jackie Chan injured on movie set

Jack Bauer is calling

Nintendo Wii launches in the UK with great success

Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston planning ‘Friends’ reunion?

Desperate Housewives season 3 preview

Eva Longoria celebrates engagement with Housewives stars

Can’t afford the next-gen consoles? Buy a retro instead

European Nintendo Wii sales hit 350,000

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