New Reuters articles written by Leaf

Oldboy Reuters article

Back in December, I’ve posted ten direct links to Reuters, one of the leading online news agencies. It was an honour to have my articles written exclusively for eMagi appearing as web links to the news site.

I thought this was a one-off, but it proves that my news stories on eMagi are truly special. In total, I have twenty articles on Reuters ranging from the best of entertainment, video games and technology. I certainly have the knack of writing something appealing!

Anyway, see the ten headlines listed below for the link to Reuters.

Indiana Jones ready by 2008

Jack Bauer returns this weekend

European delay for PSP’s Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops

WarioWare: Smooth Moves review

Jack Bauer burned to death by Kiefer Sutherland!

Guitar Hero switching developers

Oldboy review

Windows Vista is launched

CSI: NY season 3 preview

Party lifestyle used to promote Sony’s PlayStation 3

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