My next mobile phone

Apple iPhone

Now that the Apple iPhone is out in North America, I am becoming a little impatience of owning this desirable mobile device.

After reading the many reviews online including Engadget, I really want to have this right now! The ability to browser the web, check your messages, take photos, listening to your music and obliviously, make phone calls all by the sense of touch is pretty amazing. Yes, I know the price will be off-putting (currently it cost around US $499) and that doesn’t include the network subscription, but I still want to buy one.

Apparently, the iPhone will be available exclusively on the 02 network here in the UK. Which is bad as I am currently using Orange… But looking on the brighter side, this sexy-looking Apple product might be out sometime this Christmas!

Well, that’s my gift sorted out then! Need to put my name down on the list to get my hands on an eight-gigabyte model…

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