Die Hard 4.0

Die Hard 4.0

Yippi-kay-yay! Bruce Willis is back as detective John McClane – the all-action American hero – as he single-handling takes down a group of computer hackers set to terrorising the United States by crashing all transportation, telecommunications, financial and power networks.

Inspired by a magazine article in Wired, “A Farewell To Arms”, by John Carlin, the plot to this exciting movie describes a likely-scenario in which the country is under cyber-attack. Willis reprises his 19-year-old role as the super New York cop set out to kick some bad guys ass and with it cause as much destruction as possible!

Deadwood’s star Timothy Olyphant plays computer guru Thomas Gabriel, who is hell-bent on seeking revenge against the US government that shunned him. Gabriel’s mission is to show how vulnerable the country’s security system is by systematically taking down major parts of the network causing chaos and mayhem.

Enter John McClane, to sort out the mess! The detective is called up to do a “favour” by picking up a student (Justin Long) who happens to be computer wiz-kid. When the student, Matt Farrell, becomes a target for the terrorist group under Gabriel, McClane is drawn to the same old routine once again.

Working together, McClane and Farrell attempt to stop Gabriel from basically “resetting” the entire country. Add into the mix of McClane’s daughter (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) being kidnapped by Gabriel to keep John in line, and the conflict gets much more personal.

Underworld director Len Wiseman has produced a stunning and adrenaline-filled motion picture with some of the most impressive (and outrageous) stunts ever seen this year. These include: Driving a SUV down an elevator shaft after ramming into Mai Lihn (Maggie Q), smashing into a helicopter with a car (because he didn’t have any bullets…) and pulling off a wheeling with a big trailer truck under missile attack from a fighter jet!

The spectacular results of Wiseman’s efforts makes Die Hard 4.0 a ludicrously but entertaining popcorn movie. But despite the fun, it showcases the chilling and scary concept of what might happen if virtual terrorism took effect. Imagine the panic that might ensure when traffic signals go wrong, broadcast media and phones are hijacked, bank accounts evaporate and the electricity cutting out…

Live Free or Die Hard would have worked as a dark thriller on a post 9/11 world – but thanks to its unique blend of humour, including those witty McClaine’s one-liners, makes this a thrilling ride for the viewer.

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