Stylish Heroes promos from the BBC

Claire Bennet BBC2

The stars of hit sci-fi television drama Heroes have appeared in a series of video clips promoting the BBC2 brand.

These four promotional clips – featuring the characters Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere), her father Noah (Jack Coleman) and the brothers Peter and Nathan Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar respectively) – were shot for BBC2 when the actors were in London recently (perhaps during the World Heroes Tour?).

The clips feature each of the actors walking towards, and looking through, a cut-out of the channel’s “2” logo, which acts as a window into their psyche.

For Claire, the indestructible cheerleader is looking through the number “2” and seeing herself shattering. Noah’s viewpoint involves a room full of eyes watching his every step… Peter can see himself becoming the exploding man, while brother Nathan must be the scarecrow considering how many black crows are flying towards you!

The four idents are made by Red Bee Media and will join the fourteen new “window on the world” BBC2 promotional clips that were introduced earlier this year. These new idents are to replace the channel’s previous playful, fluffy idents.

BBC2 is seeking to bolster its brand, starting with these stylish Heroes promos, as part of a new project, 2Dimensions, focusing on the network’s key on-screen talent. All will use the “2” as a window.

I have to admit these promos work great. The visual style and music come together well matching the personality of these four Heroes. I particular like Claire’s shattering into million of pieces!

Check out the four clips attached.

Claire “Broken Doll”

Bennet “Eye See You”

Peter “Leap of Faith”

Nathan “Black Flock”

One thought to “Stylish Heroes promos from the BBC”

  1. oh slick I’ve not seen these yet they look very kewl.

    Haydens is the best of the four.

    I’m behind on my heroes I have to admit, haven’t even finished watching season 1 >_< I know.

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