Bold new look for Toro Rosso’s 2017 racer

Scuderia Toro Rosso became the final Formula 1 team to unveil its 2017 car, as it took the covers off the STR12 in the pit lane at Circuit de Catalunya.

The STR12, which had already made its track debut in a run at Misano last week, features a completely new look compared to its previous model.

Instead of the traditional paint scheme seen over the past couple of seasons, the STR12 sports a striking blue and red livery, the colours used for Red Bull’s Simply Cola beverage.

Apart from a new look, Toro Rosso will also use a new power unit this year, the Faenza-based squad returning to Renault engine after running year-old Ferrari engines in 2016.

The STR12, designed by a technical team led by James Key, incorporates the shark fin seen in most new cars so far this year.

Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat represent the driver line-up. The Spaniard in his third season at Toro Rosso.

As for Kvyat, he rejoined the team after losing his Red Bull seat to Max Verstappen from the Spanish Grand Prix onwards, and secured a contract extension for 2017.

Toro Rosso will join all its rivals at Barcelona from next week, when official pre-season testing will kick off.


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  1. Toro Rosso technical director James Key predicts Toro Rosso will make a breakthrough this year following their switch back to Renault power.

    The team ran year-old Ferrari power units in 2016. But its new STR12, launched today in Spain, will have a current-specification engine this year.

    “What Toro Rosso needs is stability with its power unit supply and a competitive engine,” said Key.

    “If you look back at the last three years, through unfortunate circumstances we’ve always had a deficit on the power unit side. That has affected our performance and the number of points we’ve scored.”

    “That has been frustrating because the aero guys have done a fantastic job with the chassis and we’ve improved a lot in other areas, operationally and in terms of our understanding of the tyres.”

    “With the great turnaround we saw from Renault last year and a different approach and momentum that they’ve got now, hopefully this will be the best power unit we’ve ever hard in the hybrid era. For once we will have something that is much more competitive.”

    Key added it was essential for the team to start the new season with two experienced drivers due to the change in regulations.

    “Imagine if you had two rookies in the 2017 car,” he said. “You would have no reference points at all.”

    “So on the power unit and driver side it’s positive, which just leaves the chassis as an unknown. We always set ourselves ambitious targets. In the past we have tended to push as hard as we can for the start of the season and then see what we can do, what we can afford, depending on where we are as time goes on. This year we are taking a more long-term view over the 20 races.”

    “Our list of developments is bigger than usual, because we’ve left lots of possibilities in,” he added. “I suspect it will be a very busy year with plenty of performance still to be found.”


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