Marussia unveils its 2014 car, the MR03

Marussia has become the latest Formula 1 team to unveil its new car, the MR03, on the third day of pre-season testing at Jerez.

The debut of the Ferrari-powered car was delayed because of a last-minute technical glitch that was discovered before the MR03 was dispatched from its Banbury factory.

But after fixing the issue, Marussia was able to transport the new car to Jerez and get it ready to join the penultimate day of action.

The MR03 has been two years in the making and is an all-new concept, which features new front and rear suspension designs.

Team principal John Booth said the MR03 is the product of a “young but experienced and extremely talented technical and engineering group”.

“To have designed a car that is true to the concept first conceived in early 2012, despite the integration of an entirely new powertrain and whilst pushing hard to attain our 2013 constructors’ championship objective, is a testament to the extent to which we have matured as a technical organisation,” he added.

The team’s latest Formula 1 design is their first to feature a Ferrari V6 turbo engine.

“We have nothing but good things to say about our new relationship with Scuderia Ferrari,” said Booth. “They are extremely professional and have been entirely supportive from the beginning.”

“There is excellent co-operation between our two technical groups in all areas of the new relationship and this has made the considerable challenge of integrating a new powertrain a great deal easier.”

The driver line-up remains unchange with Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton. Consistency is the main factor at Marussia.

“In view of the significant regulation changes, continuity is key, so it is highly beneficial to our technical team, and the engineering group responsible for developing the car in the field, that we retain the same drivers,” said chief engineer Dave Greenwood.

“What this means is that we have not only been able to optimise our monocoque design around an existing line-up, but we can focus all of our attentions on developing the MR03 with immediate effect.”

Let’s hope the Marussia MR05 has improved its performance to challenge the mid-field teams in the upcoming Formula 1 season.

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